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[8wayRun.Com] XenPorta (Portal) 1.6.0

Портальная система для XenForo

  1. 1.5.9

    Обновление по большому счету добавляет совместимость с XF 1.2. Но при этом имеется один баг с шаблонами.

    ИЗВЕСТНЫЙ БАГ: There is a bug that existed in the beta/rc version of XF1.2 that was caused by a spelling error in the Facebook block. I had incorrectly spelled the template "EWRblock_FaceBook.css" as "EWRblock_Facebook.css". XF did not know how to handle case-sensitivity in template titles and it threw the error "Template titles must be unique".

    I believe that Kier fixed this bug in the public release because I updated my forum and this error was not posted. However, if you are still getting the error, you can fix it by putting your forum into dev mode and deleting the offending template from the master skin before upgrading XenPorta.

    • Updated the jQuery-UI script to the most recent version in order to be compatible with the current version of jQuery that XF1.2 uses. Your browser may have the old version cached, so you will need to refresh that.
    • Removed the portal as index option from XenPorta. It is now redundant due to the built in route changer with XF1.2. Please check your XF settings before complaining that things aren't working for you.
    • Added a phrase for "Recent Threads" to the appropriate blocks as this phrase has been removed from the stock XenForo install.
    • Made some slight changes to Recent Thread x5 block, for those few of you who used it in conjunction with the other Recent Threads block, or on top of thread lists.
    • Fixed the Online Users block so it now properly handles the staff list changes made in XF1.2.
    • Fixed the Twitter block to now use the new Twitter API.
    • Fixed a DB query when deleting a promotion.
    Orbis нравится это.
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