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[8wayRun.Com] XenPorta (Portal) 1.6.0

Портальная система для XenForo

  1. 1.6.0

    • Comments in article views are now responsive.
    • RecentNews: fixed the pager for when routes get changed.
    • RecentFeatures: the old block no longer worked in xf1.2 due to jQuery deprecation. A new block has been included which uses bxSlider. This new slider looks different, but is functionaly the same. If you want it to look similar to the old slider, just add the following code to your extra.css:
    #recentFeatures .recentFeatures ul li { background position: left center; }
    #recentFeatures .recentFeatures ul li .summary { width: 180px; top: 0px; left: 0px; }
    #recentFeatures .recentFeatures ul li .summary .title { white-space: normal; }
    #recentFeatures .recentFeatures ul li .summary .excerpt { white-space: normal; padding-top: 15px; text-align: justify; }
    #recentFeatures .recentFeatures .bx-wrapper .bx-wrapper .bx-pager { top: auto; bottom: 12px; }
    #recentFeatures .recentFeatures .bx-wrapper .bx-controls-direction a { top: 92%; }
    (change the word "left" to "right" in 2 spots to swap positions of the summary)
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