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[8wayRun.Com] XenPorta (Portal) 1.6.0

Портальная система для XenForo

  1. 1.6.0

    • Comments in article views are now responsive.
    • RecentNews: fixed the pager for when routes get changed.
    • RecentFeatures: the old block no longer worked in xf1.2 due to jQuery deprecation. A new block has been included which uses bxSlider. This new slider looks different, but is functionaly the same. If you want it to look similar to the old slider, just add the following code to your extra.css:
    #recentFeatures .recentFeatures ul li {...
  2. 1.5.9

    Обновление по большому счету добавляет совместимость с XF 1.2. Но при этом имеется один баг с шаблонами.

    ИЗВЕСТНЫЙ БАГ: There is a bug that existed in the beta/rc version of XF1.2 that was caused by a spelling error in the Facebook block. I had incorrectly spelled the template "EWRblock_FaceBook.css" as "EWRblock_Facebook.css". XF did not know how to handle case-sensitivity in template titles and it threw the error "Template titles must be unique".

    I believe that Kier fixed this bug...
    Orbis нравится это.
  3. 1.5.8a Hotfix

    Well since so many people complained, the auto-promote feature of the RecentNews block has been put back in. I honestly didn't think it would be that much of an issue, but people came up with many valid reasons why the feature should remain. This should also fix issues with the relative few of you who are still using the now unsupported and deprecated RecentSlider block.
  4. 1.5.8

    Если данный портал используется у вас активно на живом форуме, то прежде чем обновиться, поэкспериментируйте с новой версией на локальном сервере. Вдруг изменения не понравятся.

    This update changes the way the "RecentNews" block works. In order to improve performance across your entire forum, the "auto-promote" feature from defined forums has been removed... instead, only manually promoted threads will appear in the article lists. Getting rid of this feature may add a small amount of work...