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BbCodes & Buttons Manager

Плагин позволяет создавать BB-коды и вставлять кнопки для редактора

  1. 2.5.0

    This release focuses on making easier the Bb Code developement.
    • Add new development settings in the Bb Codes options (only available in debug mode) :
      • The Bb Code Unique Identifier
        To use with the new listener (see below)
      • The Bb Code Addon attribution
        (Work in progress: the code is there but can't be seen)
    • Add two new XenForo listeners for the BBM addon:
      • bbm_callback_template_cache
        The first one, bbm_callback_template_cache, is another way to cache extra templates in the view.
      • bbm_callback_template_pre
        The second one, bbm_callback_template_pre, is to use with the template rendering method. It is only available for Bb Codes with an Unique Identifier. It can replace the original template callback. Both can also work together (the listener is executed after).

        These two listeners are fully documented
    • Add new functions available in the callbacks (or bbm_callback_template_pre listener) using the $parentClass argument.
      • $parentClass->getTextDirection($optionalArgument);
        Without an argument, it returns "ltr" or "rtl".
        Compatible arguments:
        • 'align' or 'float' (returns left or right)
        • 'padding' (returns padding-left or padding-right)
        • 'margin' (returns margin-left or margin-right)

        Use this function to adapt your Bb Code code according to the user language direction
      • $parentClass->getRequestPath($optionalArgument);
        Without any argument, it returns the request Uri.
        Compatible arguments:
        • 'request Uri' (returns the request Uri)
        • 'fullBasePath' (returns the fullBase path)
        • 'fullUri' (returns the full Uri)
        • 'all' (returns an array with the three information)

        Use this function if you need html anchors
    • The return of the parentClass function "getTagExtra" has been modified. When nothing is found, the return is now "null" instead of "false".
    • Add a Bb Code helper with a library of functions that can be usefull. Class: "BBM_Helper_BbCodes". To see available functions/variables, please check the class on Github directly. They have been commented. [Github source]


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