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BbCodes & Buttons Manager

Плагин позволяет создавать BB-коды и вставлять кнопки для редактора

  1. 2.6.0

    • Update the grid of the XenForo Redactor Editor for the current version of XenForo 1.3.x
      1. The "quote", "code", "strike-through" buttons are not independant anymore (see this suggestion) and have been replaced with the insert menu button
      2. The grid of XenForo 1.2 will still work on XenForo 1.2, don't worry for this
    • Fix a php 5.3.x incompatibliy problem - Thanks to Janmaat
    • Add a feature to check and fix the Bbm sql tables & columns
    • Small modification in the get buttons function to manage the unique Bb Code identifier


    1. bbmtools.png
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