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BbCodes & Buttons Manager

Плагин позволяет создавать BB-коды и вставлять кнопки для редактора


    This update is recommended
    • Reduce database requests
      • With XenForo 1.1.x, I've also thought that when using the dataregistry, it doesn't take any extra db request (like with the simple cache). It seems I've dreamt it, because it does... And when you use it several times, it does it a lot.
      • These requests have been turn into a session application to avoid an overload of requests to the database
    • For those who are using XenForo 1.3 beta 3, you can now use the "solo buttons" (ref) instead of the "menu buttons"; you can also use both. This feature is only available with a few buttons: the "strike-through" button is not (yet ?) available as a solo button (see suggestion here, at the bottom of the text).
    • Modification of the editor fallbacks to allow TinyMCE Quattro to load when the Bbm Editor Config was empty (on first installation) - Thanks to Kella
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