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BbCodes & Buttons Manager

Плагин позволяет создавать BB-коды и вставлять кнопки для редактора

  1. 2.3.0

    • Editor selection by controller/viewname/forums
      • You can now use a custom config of an editor (MCE4/XenForo Redactor editor) in a forum (or by Controller/View) whereas your default setting is to use the other editor.
      • This means you can create a configuration for any editor and select to use it wherever you want.
    • It's now possible to disable "attach", "email", "img", "media" and "url" tags by usergroups. This method is experimental and will not work everywhere (posts/threads/conversations/rm)
      • In a former release, there was an option to do the same thing but only with the img tag but there was a bug in it. It has been fixed.
    • Fix a css bug that repeated XenForo Redactor single button
    • Add a check in the datawriter to prevent you to save a Bb Code whereas you've selected to use a MCE4 iconset/text button but didn't set it's unicode/text code.
    • New menu organisation
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