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[bd] Tag Me for XenForo 1.3 3.1.0

Уведомление об упоминании вас на форуме

  1. 2.0.1

    New branch (v2)

    This is a new development branch of the add-on with almost everything rewritten to support XenForo 1.2, all existing features (group tagging, email alert, TinyMCE Quattro support) from the old version are updated to work in conjunction with built-in tagging. From this version onward, XenForo 1.1.* and below are not support anymore.

    If you do not use any of the above features and has upgraded to 1.2, it's safe to uninstall the add-on now.

    Regarding future development: next releases of XenForo may provide overlapping features with this add-on, until then this add-on will still be maintained and takes suggestion to improve itself.
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