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[bd] Tag Me for XenForo 1.3 3.1.0

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  1. 3.1.0

    1. Fixed bug sending out notifications for private nodes
    2. Added deferred processing (dealing with large group tagging issue)
    Onli нравится это.
  2. Обновление до версии 3.0.5b

    • Переписывание плагина для XF 1.3 и выше, другие версии несоввместимы
    Onli нравится это.
  3. 3.0.4b

    Maintenance update
    Added support for XenForo 1.3.

    Bug fix
    Fixed a serious bug that prevents post alert from being sent.

    Maintenance update
    Added check to prevent installation on wrong version of XenForo.

    Minor feature update
    Added reorder option.

    Bug fix
    Fixed bug profile post comment.
  4. 2.1

    • Added skipGlobalJs option
    • Updated to use facebookAlike mode for profile post and comment
    • Fixed issue with group tagging when their names are similar
  5. 2.0.1

    New branch (v2)

    This is a new development branch of the add-on with almost everything rewritten to support XenForo 1.2, all existing features (group tagging, email alert, TinyMCE Quattro support) from the old version are updated to work in conjunction with built-in tagging. From this version onward, XenForo 1.1.* and below are not support anymore.

    If you do not use any of the above features and has upgraded to 1.2, it's safe to uninstall the add-on now.

    Regarding future...
  6. 1.7.5b

    Added support for TinyMCE 4 editors

    Thanks to code patch from Cédric, I have added support for his
    Tiny Quattro add-on. As a bonus, the suggestion box is now positioned right under the cursor ;)
  7. 1.7.5

    Minor improvement
    • 1.7.5/1 Added better support for email plain text / html bb code formatter
    • 1.7.5/2 Added code to avoid sending duplicate notification (with thread watch)
    Fixed bug multi-word username at the end of the message
    • 1.7.3b/ Fixed bug multi-word username at the end of the message
  8. 1.7.3

    • Fixed incompatibility bug in bb code formatter
    • Fixed bug not working for full version of reply editor
    • Fixed bug too greedy when choose the longest entity without revalidation
    • Fixed a bug in extending XenForo_BbCode_Formatter_Base which prevents templates from preloading. It's advised to upgrade the add-on immediately.
  9. 1.7.2

    Исправлена ​​ошибка, когда плагин не работал в профиле другого пользователя.