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[CTA] Countdown Timer 1.7.5_00_EQnoble

таймер обратного отсчета

  1. Обновление до версии 1.7.5_00_EQnoble

    Исправление ошибок совместимости с Widget Framework
  2. 1.7.4_45_EQnoble

    I had to split the widget framework block into its own addon so that those who don't have WFw installed before installing this will have no problems.

    The file is located within HERE and should only be installed if you already have the countdown and WFw already installed.
  3. 1.7.4_42_EQnoble

    Thanks to some help from @xfrocks using this with the widget framework becomes a quick switch, if you need to do this...read this update...

    Updated WFw Instructions
  4. 1.7.4_20_EQnoble

    XFrocks has pointed out some of the newer renderers that have been created since I first made this which allow for all the functions of the countdown to function properly so for using one of those I have created a template specifically for this purpose