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QuoteME ! 2.1.1

Цитата выделенного, текста. Позволяет добавить в ответ выделенный текст

  1. 2.0.2

    To make it simple, if you have the version 2.x.x of this addon, you're using Redactor and didn't disable the support on mobile devices, you must do this update (reason). To fix this problem here are the modifications done by this release:
    1. The touchstart event is not use anymore to manage the return after a click is done on the quoteME box: a workaround has been found to use the original click event
    2. The function binded on the touchstart event will only be enable once the Fast Quotes link is activated. It will be unbinded once the Fast Quotes link is switch off
    3. This function will also be unbinded when Redactor is focused and will be rebinded when Redactor is blured (providing the Fast Quotes are still activated)

    I've tested this release on iOS7 (ipad) & a standard notebook with Redactor & TinyMCE.
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