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QuoteME ! 2.1.1

Цитата выделенного, текста. Позволяет добавить в ответ выделенный текст

  1. 2.1.1

    • Automatically disable the official XenForo QuoteMe feature (XenForo 1.4) when this addon JavaScript is loaded
    • Fix quote information on mobile devices
      Reason: they were related to the click event where was the quoteme box. But on mobile devices the quoteme box is at the bottom of the screen to make it easier for users to click. So the quote data are not not related to its position. Solution: use the lasttouch recorded event.
    • Since the addon has been tested for several months on mobile devices (including some on Android), the version number is going to 2.1. But no big modification has been done; only the fix above.
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