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QuoteME ! 2.1.1

Цитата выделенного, текста. Позволяет добавить в ответ выделенный текст

  1. 2.1.1

    • Automatically disable the official XenForo QuoteMe feature (XenForo 1.4) when this addon JavaScript is loaded
    • Fix quote information on mobile devices
      Reason: they were related to the click event where was the quoteme box. But on mobile devices the quoteme box is at the bottom of the screen to make it easier for users to click. So the quote data are not not related to its position. Solution: use the lasttouch recorded event.
    • Since...

    This is a maintenance release, no need to do it if you don't use TinyMCE Quattro

    What's new:
    • Improve the TinyMCE Quattro plugin
    • TinyMCE Quattro Orphan button compatible with the last version of the Bbm addon
      • Reimport the Bb Code xml file (extra directory) and override it
  3. 2.0.5

    • Improvements with the TinyMCE Quattro plugin:
      • Add an explanation message when you enable the Fast Quotes mode for the first time (after the page has been loading)
      • Compatible with the new version of TinyMCE Quattro 2.1.0 (will be published in a few minutes, but you must first update the Quote Me addon and the Bbm Advanced Bb Codes addon if you use them)
  4. 2.0.4

    • Minor improvements
  5. 2.0.3

    • Restore the hide quoteme box behaviour on none touch device - Thanks to Rambro
    • Add a new option to emulate quoteme box touch appearance on none touch devices
    • Add a filter to strip the phrase "Expand me" from the quote
  6. 2.0.2

    To make it simple, if you have the version 2.x.x of this addon, you're using Redactor and didn't disable the support on mobile devices, you must do this update (reason). To fix this problem here are the modifications done by this release:
    1. The touchstart event is not use anymore to manage the return after a click is done on the quoteME box: a workaround has been found to use the...
  7. 2.0.1

    • Delete touchmove event dependencies (didn't work well on iOS).
      A simpler system has been used with the touchstart event only
    • One touch screen devices, only display the quoteMe box if the last touchstart event was done inside the "messageContent" html element
      Thanks to Rambro
    • Add option to disable the XenForo default Quote System (I don't
      recommend to do it, but if you prefer this way, you can now do it)
      Thanks to fly_indiz
    • The TinyQuattro plugin has been slightly modified...
  8. 2.0.0

    • JS code has been deeply rewritten. It is more flexible and should be compatible with other JS codes that bind functions on the messageContent element
    • QuoteME supports now Touch Screen devices:
      # Notebooks such as Sony Vaio
      • With v1.x of this addon, any touch screen devices were rejected, so it was not possible to use it on systems that have both a touch screen & a mouse
      • On these devices, the quoteME management hasn't changed (the text range selection is not...
  9. 1.8.1

    • Fix a focus problem with TinyMCE Quattro - To work this fix requires
    • TinyMCE Quattro (Thanks to Jauburn)
    • Fix a bug with the top trigger link on Internet Explorer
  10. 1.8.0