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Similar Threads 4.8

Показывает список похожих тем

  1. 2.3

    Усовершенствован код.
  2. 2.2

    Similar Threads теперь работает на XenForo 1.2x и 1.3x.
  3. 2.1

    Added code to enable extending common words list.

    Some languages like German have many common words. So in order to facilitate a companion add-on a few lines of code were moved to the model.
    namhao и aligon7 нравится это.
  4. 2.0

    Improved code dealing with similarthreads.js and permissions.

    Also added feature, if similar threads are shown below first post and quick reply, similar threads below quick reply is not show on page one.
  5. 1.9

    In Similar Threads v1.6, the forums were inaccurately showing content in the URL. I was unable to correct this issue so I removed the forums links and the forum name is now shows as plain text.
    aligon7 нравится это.
  6. 1.6

    Откат до версии 1.6 до тех пор пока не разберёмся с ошибками версии 1.7
  7. 1.7

    Fixed issue relating to content title in forum URLs.

    If you have v1.6, all you have to do is upgrade the xml file because no files have been changed.
  8. 1.6

    Code was added to not show soft deleted threads.
  9. 1.4

    Added option: Show results from same forum as being viewed.