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Sitemap for XenForo 1.5.3

Генератор Sitemap для XF

  1. 1.5.2

    • This version is compatible with XenForo 1.3
    • Fixed a bug in which the Cli script would not call any extension provided by an add-on
    • Fixed edge case, the "All pages in a thread" option was skipping consecutive threads with more than 10,000 pages in it.
    • Added more complex logic to detect which directory is the "sitemap" directory when using a relative path. This will help with having consistency on running Cli vs. Cron vs. AdminCP
    • Added support for Image Sitemaps, which would need to be used by other add-ons to do anything interesting
    • Forums are auto-ignore if they are not viewable by Visitors. However, if you want to exclude a forum from the sitemap manually, you can do so from the Forum Edit Page
    • Fixed a bug with the URL for notifying Google & Bing
    • Made the Cli tool a little more verbose, even when not in Debug Mode
    • The name of the Cron Job was mistakenly translated to Spanish. This has been fixed.
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