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Steam Authentication & Integration 1.6.2

Авторизация и интеграция со Steam

  1. 1.3.5

    * JavaScript animation tweak for SteamProfile slider (Thanks, silence!)
    * Moved SteamProfile CSS to XenForo Template Manager
    * Deleted unused style.css files
    * Removed themes folder from JS directory, moved to styles\default\steamauth
    * Removed unnecessary templates pre-loads from and fixed a bug in Listener.php
    * Cleaned up ControllerPublic and Routes
    * Added permissions for viewing SteamProfile banner
    * Added cURL to Register.php to use first over file_get_contents()
    * Compressed Javascript for SteamProfile

    == Upgrade Steps ==
    1. Delete root/js/steam directory
    2. Delete root/library/Steam/ControllerPublic/Steam directory
    3. Upload the upload directory to your forum (overwrite any files)
    4. Upgrade the addon using the provided "addon-Steam.xml" file

    == Known Issue(s) ==
    Firefox will not correctly report last seen on any page that has the SteamProfile javascript.
    patrig нравится это.
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