1. Приветствуем Вас на неофициальном форуме технической поддержки XenForo на русском языке. XenForo - коммерческий форумный движок от бывших создателей vBulletin, написанный на PHP.

Tapatalk Forum App for xenForo - iOS / Android / Blackberry mobile app 2.4.2

Мобильная версия для форума

  1. 2.3.0

    1. Support for smartbanner on/off display switch
    2. Support for un-banning users
    3. Support for "report detail" in moderator center
    4. Support for page and per-page parameters in Google deep link URLs to aid in fixing future "Content Mismatch Errors"
    5. Optimized app welcome page and smart-banner to automatically add the referring forum to a user's forums list.
    6. Optimized [ code], [ php] and [ html] BBCode display
    7. Added "Show All" option for hiding app ads by user group in Tapatalk options panel
    8. Fixed miscellaneous warning issues
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