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[Tinhte] XenTag 3.2.2

Система тегов для форума

  1. 2.1.0


    Xentag 2.0

    • #Hashtag for your posts.
    • Report a tag
    • Watch a tag (with user group permission, (supports threads, posts and resources)
    • Trending tags (in /tags/ page),
    • New Trending Tags widget for [bd] Widget Framework
    • Possible to edit tag page's title via Edit tag dialog
    • Improved compatibility with different versions of XenForo and XenForo Resource Manager
    • Improved styling
    • Bug fixes

    Xentag 2.1
    1. New Xentag option: Minimum tag length
    2. New Xentag option: Use hastag (disabled by default)
    3. New Feature: New Delete check box on Edit tag dialog to delete tag from front-end
    4. Added validation for censored text

    Hashtag will be disabled by default when you upgrade to this version Xentag 2.1. Please go to Xentag option to turn it on if you want to use hashtag.
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