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TinyMCE Quattro and its wysiwyg bbcodes 2.5.2

Расширенный редактор для XenForo с широким функционалом и большим количеством настроек

  1. Обновление до версии 2.5.2

    • Исправление ошибок
    • Совместимость с новыми версиями XF
  2. 2.1.2

    • Update to TinyMCE 4.0.18 (changelog #1, #2)
    • Force to use the TinyMCE default skin on RTL languages if the theme was using the XenForo integration mode (explanation) - thanks to...

    • Fix a listener return (prevented other addons calling the same listener to use with visitors)
      Thanks to Slind
    If you use the previous version of this addon, it will probably faster for you to manually perform the modification: see here.

    Minor release (basic modifications) but recommended
    • Reduce database requests (don't use anymore the data registry to get available addons)
    • Add a container to the Table Bb Code formatter with an overflow property to avoid to break the responsive layout on small screens

    Require an update of the Bbm addon (for the ones who were using it ; needed version 2.6.2)

    If your previous version is 1.x.x, check the paragraph 9 of the FAQ.

    What's new?
    • Update to TinyMCE 4.0.16
    • Smilies Box compatible with XenForo 1.3.x
    • TinyMCE Quattro detection modified
    • TinyMCE Quattro...

    This is a minor update. If you're still using the 1.x version, read the paragraph 9 of the Faq to see how to update correctly.

    • Compatible with the XenForo 1.3.x multiquote mode - Thanks to Carla Birch
    • Few UI improvements with Mce menus
      • Normal quote menu (not wysiwyg) will be also in the menu - Thanks to XxUnkn0wnxX
      • If the fast unlink option is enable, the unlink window will look better in the menu
      • Smilies menu (in the Mce menu) will look also...

    • The fullscreen menu position fix must only be applied to elements which have as parent a menu button, not a menu item
    • This should be the last fix for today, I've just wished you five time a happy chinese new year in a few hours. I think it's enough ^^

    • Add the custom fullscreen position fix feature for menus as well (otherwise it has some glitches on Firefox)

    • Rewrite some parts of the full color picker. It was incompatible with the new fast reload mode.

    • Modification of the key event of a listener
    • Add some missing i18n translations