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TinyMCE Quattro and its wysiwyg bbcodes 2.5.2

Расширенный редактор для XenForo с широким функционалом и большим количеством настроек

  1. 2.1.0

    If you use the QuoteME and the BBM Advanced Bb Codes addons, you must first update them.

    What's new ?
    • New TinyMCE menu bar as an option
      • All is automatic, you just need to configure as usual your buttons bar
      • Buttons that have been programmed to be configured as a menu item will automatically be positioned inside the menu bar and delete from the buttons bar
      • If you don't want a button to be deleted (and then display both), there's an option for that...
  2. 2.0.1

    • Fix for boards using XenForo Redactor & TinyMCE Quattro editors - Thanks to Santamo
    • The addon helper to check if the TinyMCE is enabled or not has been extended to match with the Bbm Editor Configs (see the code directly for more information)

    Reminder of what to do when updating to the version 2.x of this addon for the first time:
    Some values of this addon options ("TinyQuattro - Editor options") have been modified, so just check the options again and save them: It's...
  3. 2.0.0

    • The full setup of tinyMCE is now done from php instead of templates
      • The full setup can be access from a listener (replaces the former one)
      • The templates code have been simplified a lot
      • Some values of this addon options ("TinyQuattro - Editor options") have been modified, so just check the options again and save them: It's easy some bolean options will have a blank value
    • Two new Wysiwyg Bb Codes : subscript & superscript (need to be activated)...

    • Update link & img interface to the new library of 1.8.0 version (which allow to insert link and img inside the editor)
    • Fix a bug that could occur with the quoteME addon
  5. 1.8.0

    • Wysiwyg mode for quotes
      • The quote mode can be toggled by just pressing the button (useful to get out of the quote)
      • Modal window to access its properties - triggered from the button options
      • Should manage any quote insertions even if it hasn't been parsed by the XenForo parser
      • Compatible with the QuoteMe addon
      • Only working with the Quattro Editor (the quotes will still behaviour the same way they used to do with others)
      • Requires XenForo 1.2

    This update focuses again on the font family and font size buttons.
    • New option to select icons buttons for font-family and font-size
    • The font-family & font size icon mode has been improved
    • The selection of the font-family & font size buttons (icon mode or
      not) should now be visible when the button show (scrollto function)
    • The menu of the font-family and font size buttons have now the same
      fix that was done for the color/bgcolor buttons when the fullscreen mode is...

    • The font family and font size buttons are now adaptive. They will change into small icons on small screens (see screenshot)
    • If you've chosen to display smilies below the editor and you're using the fullscreen mode, the smilies will load in a TinyMCE modal window instead
    • Table Bb Code options now support 0 value. Thanks to Jauburn.
    • New icons in the XenForo set (see screenshot)
      It might require to update your browser cache to see them.
    • The bbm_demo.js file has been...

    • Disable fullscreen mode on submit - @thanks to jauburn
    • Prevent an overlay to load while another one is loading
    • Add a missing phrase (table) - @thanks to Fly_indiz
    • Add a new callback: "onclose" (for xen overlays)

    • Fix the last code cleaning
    • Fix a problem that have some older versions

    • Framework code cleaner
    • Overlay dialogs now support inline scripts

    And an early preview of something that will require the update: