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TinyMCE Quattro and its wysiwyg bbcodes 2.5.2

Расширенный редактор для XenForo с широким функционалом и большим количеством настроек


    • Update to TinyMCE 4.0.12
      Information - Changelog
      P.S: This update fixes a bug on IE9 when consecutive insertions were done inside the editor (they were in the reverse order)
    • Fix a little bug of the 1.7 branch with the draft button
    • Add visual options to set the width&height of the Font size and Font Family menus
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    • Fix a bug with the "Extend MCE insert command" function (has an impact of the QuoteME addon)
    • Add an option to disable inline edits on mobile with TinyMCE Quattro and XenForo 1.1.x stock editor
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    • Add new options to set a minimum & maximum height for the QuickReply Editor
    • Fix a glitch with the Fright plugin (allows the float right buttons inside the editor) and improve its code a lot
    • New XenForo Code Event (listener) to programmatically add an extra plugin in the TinyMCE extra plugins (for developers)
      (an addon will be upgraded very soon with an example)
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    • Added a TMS modification to integrate the editor to XenForo 1.1.x (Github ref)
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  5. 1.7.0

    This update is a major one, not because of the new features but because of the update to TinyMCE 4.0.11 (the last TinyMCE version of this addon was 4.0.8) which has quite many modifications that has implied to modify the framework. TinyMCE developers have worked a lot to fix bugs and rewrite some plugins (for example the advanced tab plugin). I guess the version 4.1 should come soon.

    To get the changelog of TinyMCE versions,...
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    • Compatible with the Smiley Manager of Milano
      • Categories are working with the Modal/Slider Smiley button
      • A category can be used for the Smiley Menu button
      • Option added to show uncategorized smilies at the bottom
      • The options "[Menu button] Number of smilies?" and "[Slider Smilies] Number of smilies per slide" are still working.
    • Whitespace management:
      • Emulate...
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