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ToggleME 3.1.2

Плагин добавляет возможность сворачивания/разворачивания категорий и других элементов

  1. 3.0.1

    • Html dom functions slightly modified to avoid any errors with some utf8 characters
    • 1 phrase modified
    • All php code has been fully rewritten. The php dom functions are now used instead of regex for categories and widgets.
      • widgets toggle functions should be compatible with any addons
      • nodes toggle functions should be compatible with external addons providing their code are inside the "forum_list_nodes" hook (ie: shoutbox)
      • Support html tags with namespaces (such as Facebook)
      • Support utf8 languages
      • New debug functions to get the toggle elements ids
    • The Sidebar can now be toggled
      • Some style properties available to customize the layout
      • Compatible with the Facebook widget even when the sidebar is closed
        Explanation: the Fb app is using the JavaScript function "getComputedStyle" which requires its html element to be visible on the page)
      • Is using cookie memory
    • The poll options when create a thread can now be toggled
    • "Pure css" mode available for the categories, widget and postbit toggle triggers
      • Basic style properties available
      • To customize it more, modify the new template "toggleme_purecss.css"
    • Add an option to select by default all usergroups for every toggle sections
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