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ToggleME 3.1.2

Плагин добавляет возможность сворачивания/разворачивания категорий и других элементов

  1. 3.1.2

    • Auto trim fix
    • Css tiny mod (for the sub forums trigger => prevents text selection of the button)

    • Fix the check for the nodetype (was only checking for text nodes, now it's checking for everything that is not an xml node)
      Thanks to XxUnkn0wnxX
    • The toggle function for the sidebar has been updated with new functions:
      1. It triggers now the "resize" event on the "window" so that custom mods, such as the slider of...
  2. 3.1.0

    • It now supports Font-Awesome (it will have to be installed first on your board)
    • A new template has been created to insert a manual trigger for the sidebar ; you just need to include this template where you want inside your code:
      <xen:include template="toggleme_sidebar_trigger_manual" />
      Then you can customize it very easily (if you know css). With this new template, you can probably make a better integration to any themes. No support will be given.
  3. 3.0.1

    • Html dom functions slightly modified to avoid any errors with some utf8 characters
    • 1 phrase modified
    • All php code has been fully rewritten. The php dom functions are now used instead of regex for categories and widgets.
      • widgets toggle functions should be compatible with any addons
      • nodes toggle functions should be compatible with external addons providing their code are inside the "forum_list_nodes" hook (ie: shoutbox)...
    demon124 нравится это.
  4. 2.3.0

    • New option to set categories by languages (detected from user browser information sent to the server, in other words not from the XenForo language settings)
    • Options provided with the support of Darkdriver
    • JavaScript code has been optimized (size reduced of 40%)
    • Some small bugs (js+php) have been fixed
  5. 2.2.5

    • Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu !
      Add an array check
  6. 2.2.4

    • Fix conditional
  7. 2.2.3

    • Restore the array check in the conditionnal