Media Gallery 1.0.5

12.05.2015 | Romchik®

Очередное обновление галереи для XenForo - Media Gallery 1.0.5.

Список изменений:

  • Improved caching of permission based template params in templates.
  • Some small fixes and improvements to inline moderation including the display of the "Selected Items" on all relevant pages.
  • No longer show banned users in various blocks, such as Recent Comments, Top Contributors and Recent Albums.
  • Highlight the correct "order" tabs when viewing albums shared with you
  • Changes to no longer count media in various places that are located in deleted/moderated albums.
  • Comment links now redirect to the correct pages in all cases.
  • Fixed an issue whereby images in categories are imported as "public" privacy whereas they should be imported as "category" privacy to ensure category view permissions work as expected.
  • Changes to ensure an album owner can not be removed from the list of valid users who can view an album.
  • Some fixes and improvements to the Random Media block which includes a new caching mechanism which should make this block appear more random and consistently display the correct number of items.
  • Hide images from ignored users in the Media block

Список измененных шаблонов:

  • inline_mod_controls_album
  • inline_mod_controls_comment
  • inline_mod_controls_media
  • xengallery_album_index
  • xengallery_album_shared
  • xengallery_album_thumb_item
  • xengallery_album_thumb_item.css
  • xengallery_album_view
  • xengallery_album_view.css
  • xengallery_album_view_sidebar
  • xengallery_category_view
  • xengallery_comment.css
  • xengallery_comments_content
  • xengallery_comments_content.css
  • xengallery_find_new_media
  • xengallery_inline_mod_controls
  • xengallery_media_index
  • xengallery_media_ratings
  • xengallery_media_tag
  • xengallery_media_thumb_item
  • xengallery_media_thumb_item.css
  • xengallery_media_user
  • xengallery_media_view.css
  • xengallery_media_view_sidebar
  • xengallery_user_albums
  • xengallery_watch_albums

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