XenForo 1.3.2

13.05.2014 | Romchik®

Сегодня также обновился и XenForo до версии 1.3.2. Это второй выпуск с исправлениями и улучшениями стабильности в линейке 1.3. Не забудьте обновиться.

В связи с изменениями в системе приложений Facebook слегка изменилась интеграция регистрации в XenForo через Facebook.

Список исправлений:

  • Bug fixes related to pasting and formatting text in the editor
  • Bug fixes related to the formatting of messages for the rich text editor when editing
  • Updated the Facebook integration to use version 2.0 of their API
  • Only show entries on the notable members page where the member actually has posts, likes, or trophy points
  • Fix the attribution of tagging alerts generated in a profile post comment
  • Support all languages that Twitter supports in the tweet button
  • Add isolation to usernames to improve display in RTL when LTR and RTL text is mixed
  • Add-on update/export buttons appear when creating an add-on
  • BB code blocks now all have overflow auto for float containment/preventing overlap with floated ads
  • Call to action buttons have have vertical-align top for improved cross browser display
  • Added scrolling to the avatar overlay to handle add-ons inserting additional rows
  • Account upgrades now use the "full" link generator to create the return URL
  • Fixed unexpected padding on the breadcrumbs with narrow displays
  • Fixed ReCAPTCHA image overflow with narrow displays
  • Added an open graph description to forum views and pages
  • Fixed inconsistent positioning of stay logged in/lost password links on login forms
  • Fixed overlay only buttons displaying on the follower/following lists when viewed as a non-overlay
  • Adjusted the display of voters on a poll when there's a deleted user
  • Fix positioning of several overlays in RTL with narrow displays
  • Fix JS errors when the hash part of a URL has non-alphanumeric characters
  • Reduce the amount of entries shown on the users/content awaiting approval pages to prevent timeouts and speed up display
  • Silence a potential race condition when creating directories
  • Fix a display issue when displaying a shortened IPv6 string when it ends with a collapsed section
  • Remove leading and trailing white space from Twitter app keys and secrets
  • Improve the error handling of Twitter integration to aid in debugging
  • Fix a potential duplicate ID error when importing from XenForo and maintaining IDs
  • Fix a race condition when inserting image proxy records

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