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BbCodes & Buttons Manager

Плагин позволяет создавать BB-коды и вставлять кнопки для редактора

  1. 3.1.0

    • Xon added a cache system for the tags map. It must be enabled inside the options.
      Explanation: when a page is parsed, the Bbm creates a map of all the tags with their personal data. This operation can be intensive (it depends on how many Bb Codes there are), the cache system allows to improve performance.
    • For Bb Code developers (from a Xon idea): add a uniqid function in the formatter (can be called from the callback).
      Purpose: avoid to use the intensively the php uniqid function
    • Hide XenForo button when its XenForo Bb Code parsing permission (based on the Visitor object) is disabled. Only works with the following Bb Codes : email, url, img & media. The "targeted nodes" option is ignored (can get node information in this part of the script).
    • Some events are now using hints to improve performance (done by Xon)
    • Add a missing variable (when no XenForo Bb Codes are available)
    • Fix an issue with the preCache method (tested with the dice Bb Code)
    • Add a few functions for Bb Code developers
    • Add a function to check buttons when saving a configuration. This will prevent to register any invalid buttons
    • Fix a Redactor plugin problem to be sure it loads on any browsers:
      On Chrome, the Redactor plugin JS object was loaded before the editor configuration initialization. On Firefox, it was the opposite.
    • Fix and update the mini-parser (related to Bb Code protection) to prevent a malformed closing tag to break the page layout
    • Add Font-awesome 4.2.0 support with its new icons
    • Add array key check to prevent errors with the XenForo Redactor Configuration
    • Buttons manager rewritten (php & js)
    • XenForo Custom Bb Codes buttons can be managed directly in the BBM Buttons Manager, for both editors: XenForo Redactor & TinyMCE Quattro.
      • With the XenForo Redactor editor, once the button positioned inside the Bbm config, the new location will override the original location that should have had this button
      • With the TinyMCE Quattro editor, the XenForo Custom Bb Code button action will only be to insert the tag inside the editor, which means if a developer had coded a custom callback for this Redactor button, he will have to code it as well for the TinyMCE Quattro framework (which won't be a problem at all). They will have their original icon
    • Bbm Bb Codes can set a "text button" for the XenForo Redactor editor. For the TinyMCE Quattro editor this feature has been there since the beginning.
    • Bbm Bb Codes can have a button using a Font-Awesome icon for both editors. An helper has been created to make the selection easier
    • Modification done to the code to avoid bugs with other addons
    • Modification done to one Bb Code helper - implementation of a function to tidy html code
    • Improvement of the Buttons Manager Tooltip (disable during sorting operation)
    • Improve xml security on XenForo installations that have been updated with the Zend xml tester.
      To be clear: there was only a risk if you imported a malicious BbCode xml. So if you download files from authenticated developers, it's not a problem. If you didn't have updated to the last XenForo patched versions, this xml Bbm BbCodes importation will still work: it's up to you to decide to update XenForo or not.
    • The tags map is now compatible with the preCacheBase system: the tags incremention data has to be reset before the loop. With this you can also get the post information (ie: postid) during the second loop.
      Info: I will publish a demonstration of a Bb Code using this preCache system which advantage is for example to only use 1 database request instead of several by page. See attached images.
    • Add a Xon tweak that speeds up the tags map creation (used for tag permissions) from 200ms to 2ms according his own tests (when Bb Codes are cached) - A big thank to him. This tweak has been submitted 1 month ago, but since it is related to one sensitive code section I just wanted to test it longer
    • Add an option to strip not only tags but also their content in the fast thread preview; to allow this feature the "eradicator" formatter has been extended
    • Add Redactor solo buttons to the selection area when the addon has just been installed and the config is still blank (it was a bug)
    • Add a method to access protected methods of the Base class from the Bb Code callback
    • Add a way to load globally the parentclass in the Bb Code callback (using a class constructor)
    • Add float Bb Codes as demo in the bulk xml
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