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BbCodes & Buttons Manager

Плагин позволяет создавать BB-коды и вставлять кнопки для редактора

  1. 3.2.2

    • Fix a function that had two times the same argument which was triggering an error under PHP 7. Thanks to Xon and Pegasus
    • Fix url autolinking with special tags (slave tags ; ie {td}{/td}). Thanks to Gates.
    • Add some functions to get the current callback tag processed by the Bb Code callback and not "simply" the actual tag being processed.
      • Fix with these features the function "addTagExtra". Thanks to Xon
      • Explanation: the Bb Code callback has the Bb Code content available. So if the content has some Bb Codes in it, the current Bb Code being processed won't be the callback tag. The addTagExtra function is meant to add extra data to the callback tag, not the actual tag.
    • Font Awesome integration compatible with SSL
      • An helper has been coded to detect if the full base path is using SSL; if it is the FA integration link will be done using https (the official Font Awesome CDN supports it)
      • Purpose: make FA integration works on SSL installations
    • Creation of a JavaScript script integrated in the permissions pages to prevent the BBM settings to be managed by clicking the "Check all" buttons (at the top of the page).
      • Purpose: avoid to tell you everytime: "See the 13th paragraph of the FAQ"
    • Check if TinyMCE Quattro is really enabled
      • Purpose: if you have selected to disable MCE on mobiles, Bbm will not override this setting
    • Fix Bb Codes tag map when:
      1. using Bb Codes inside Bb Code option
      2. when a child method calls its parent and still uses the subtree rendering (the tag map creator was counting it twice)
    • Fix a problem with the simple cache data
    • Fix help page permissions
    • Fix Bb Codes permissions with the conversation preview (new message or edited message)
    • Add a new option for Bbm Custom Bb Codes that allows to trim their content (disabled by default)
      • This option is the same than XenForo is using for its spoiler Bb Code but has been globalized as an option for Bbm Bb Codes
      • To see why it's needed, just create a block Bb Code and inside it add a list ; without this option you will have an ugly white space at the top
    • Add an option to bypass XenForo perms for images
    • Add an option to prevent double quotes marks to break with white space
      • Also available as a php helper (BBM_Helper_BbCodes::unbreakableQuote)
      • Also available as a template helper (bbm_unbreakable_quote)
    • Add an option to disable the Bb Codes permissions by view names
      • When the view name is matched some Bb Codes can also be disabled
    • Add files health check using the Xfrock dev helper tool
    • Update Font-Awesome to 4.3.0 version
    • [dev] Add an helper to get the Bb Code tag name by its uniq id
    • Fix a bug that prevented the viewing permissions to work with XenForo Bb Codes
    • Xon has improved the cache for the Bb Codes map by creating a "non-cached tag map on thread preview".
      Purpose: Allow protected content to show up in the thread/post preview ; if you have a Bb Code which can only be used by a group, a member of that group can see what it looks like when they preview a post.
    • Xon has also proceeded to a few modifications to improve performance
    • Some Bb Codes (such as some of the the Bbm Advanced Bb Codes) might use an helper that check the integrity of the Bb Codes content after some modifications have been done. There are two ways of checking the content html:
      1. One is done with the PHP Dom functions ; that's the default one and should work on installations with PHP 5.3.x at least
      2. The other is done by an external class, it had some bugs (it was trying to do too much whereas it was not necessary). They have been fixed.
      There's now an option to select which method you want to use. Again, the first one (PHP Dom) should not cause any issue. I've tested it quite a lot with the addon ToggleMe.
    • There was a fix for the replacement method fix: when a Bb Code coded with this method had a wrapper Bb Code, the index option was missing, so a conditional has been updated to avoid this.
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