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BbCodes & Buttons Manager

Плагин позволяет создавать BB-коды и вставлять кнопки для редактора


    • Modify a part of the code to make it compatible with versions of PHP below 5.5
    • Small fix for the 3.3.2 version with a variable. I still increment the addon version with x.x.x.1 to avoid any confusion.
    • Improve the "Buttons" helper
    • Add a "Phrase Wrapper" coded by Xon which improves performance and which doesn't require anymore to set phrases as global in the Bb Codes options. A big thank to Xon as...
  2. 3.2.2

    • Fix a function that had two times the same argument which was triggering an error under PHP 7. Thanks to Xon and Pegasus
    • Fix url autolinking with special tags (slave tags ; ie {td}{/td}). Thanks to Gates.
    • Add some functions to get the current callback tag processed by the Bb Code callback and not "simply" the actual tag being processed.
      • Fix with these features the function "addTagExtra". Thanks to Xon
      • Explanation: the Bb Code callback has the Bb Code...
    Metaksi нравится это.
  3. 3.1.0

    • Xon added a cache system for the tags map. It must be enabled inside the options.
      Explanation: when a page is parsed, the Bbm creates a map of all the tags with their personal data. This operation can be intensive (it depends on how many Bb Codes there are), the cache system allows to improve performance.
    • For Bb Code developers (from a Xon idea): add a uniqid function in the formatter (can be called from the callback).
      Purpose: avoid to use the intensively the php...
  4. 2.8.1

    • Performance tweaks by Xon (listener hints, xen tags viewing perms caching, class checker caching, etc.) ; a big thank to him
    • Parser perms blank return slightly modified
    • JavaScript conditional slightly modified
  5. 2.8.0

    • Добавлены новые права для официальных BB-кодов XenForo
    • Изменён метод защиты содержимого
    • Новая опция для разрешения или запрета использования определённых BB-кодов в подписи
    • Кнопка зачёркивания текста теперь располагается прямо на панели инструментов
    • Переписана функция предварительного парсера

    • Prevent a JavaScript error when using TinyMCE Quattro (was triggered because of the Bbm Redactor JS)
      Thanks to Yavuz
    • If you don't use anymore Redactor, you can go the "Buttons Manager Options" and set the option "Redactor Js Loader" to "none".

    This update is recommended
    • Reduce database requests
      • With XenForo 1.1.x, I've also thought that when using the dataregistry, it doesn't take any extra db request (like with the simple cache). It seems I've dreamt it, because it does... And when you use it several times, it does it a lot.
      • These requests have been turn into a session application to avoid an overload of requests to the database
    • For those who are using XenForo 1.3 beta 3,...

    • Fix listener reference of previous version - thanks to kezako
      (If you didn't see the problem, it simply means you kept on your server the former files)
    • Add a Bbm Redactor loader option to be sure to load custom config when the first editor on the page is loaded from a json request
      Thanks to Lil.Tee for his testings and feedbacks
  9. 2.6.2

    • Addons Attribution Option:
      • Prevent Bb Codes parsing if addon is disabled
      • Bulk Export - Sort by Addons
      • Admin Bb Codes List - View when addon is disabled
    • Loading Bbm Bb Codes by a registered application
      • Prevent extra db requests
      • Helper available to get them
    • Template helper "bbm_strip_noscript" to strip noscript tags from an html string
    • Main Bbm Listeners in 1 file
    • Fix Editor Buttons Config about the Bb Code uniq identifier...
  10. 2.6.1

    • Add an option to wrap the XenForo media tag inside another Bb Code
      • I have forgotten this tag, with this option you can wrap for example your youtube videos automatically inside a spoiler tag
      • The spoiler tag available in this addon, will load images and most of videos only once you open the spoiler


    1. mediawrapper.png