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[bd] Forum Watch 2.1.1b

Возможность отслеживания целых разделов

  1. 2.1.1

    • Fixed listener missing
    This is a new development branch of the add-on, support for XenForo 1.1 and below has been dropped completely.

    This update will convert the old tables of this add-on to be used with XenForo 1.2. All existing watches will be migrated without data loss. You should perform the update before upgrading the site to XenForo 1.2.

    IMPORTANT: If you happen to run into error at the end of the upgrade process because of this add-on, do not panic. Just leave the upgrade tab untouched in your browser, open a new tab (or window) and navigate to http://domain.com/xenforo/admin.php[plain], login and upgrade the add-on from there. After everything is done, switch back to the upgrade tab and refresh.[/INDENT]​
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