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Facebook 3.11

Стиль, основанный на цветовой схеме Facebook

  1. 3.10

    Fixes and Fine-Tuning
    • Increased font size of username and user title in the message user info box
    • Fixed hard to see text for the sky blue and silver prefixes
    • General fine-tuning
    • Changed header and navigation area a bit
    • Re-arranged sub-navigation bar in order of relevance: New Posts, Search Forums, Watched Threads, Watched Forums, Mark Forums Read
    • Moved Log Out link under Your Account
    • Added border-left to navigation sidebar
    • Moved username and user title above the avatar in the user info block
    • Changed avatar size from medium to large in the user info block
    • Adjusted quick reply to keep the avatar small due to the change above
    • Styled all prefixes (previously only primary and secondary were styled)
    • Added background for stuck threads
    • Increased font size of and applied bold typeface to user banner
    • Moved custom CSS into a dedicated CSS template called facebook_style.css
    Adjustments and EXTRA.css
    • All custom CSS has been moved into an organized list code in EXTRA.css
    • Fixed overlap issue with user info block width
    • Added background to the header to make the "Foro" part of XenForo logo easy to see
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