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Social Groups by Waindigo 1.2.0

Создавайте социальные группы/форумы - полная поддержка Resource Manager

  1. 1.1.0


    New features:
    • Added support for social forums to have URL portions.
    • Added option to stop social forum administrators from closing their social forum.
    • Added back 'Join Social Forum' permission.
    Bug fixes:
    • Fixes error when link to members page of a deleted social forum is accessed. Now displays friendly error....


    New features:
    • Added sort options for list of social categories, including last message time, title, number of discussions and number of members.
    • Added new database column to store cache of number of members for each social forum, which can be recalculated using the cache rebuilder.
    Note: due to the addition of a new member count cache, it is recommended that you rebuild caches by going to Admin CP -> Tools -> Rebuild Caches -> Rebuild Social Forums.


    New features:
    • Option to automatically add created social forums to user's secondary list can now be set to only apply to certain social categories
    • User's secondary social forum cache is now re-built as part of the user cache rebuild process
    Bug fixes:
    • Fixed bug that search results may show some threads that should not be visible by the user
    • Fixed bug that unable to deselect secondary social forums if already selected more than the user's permitted maximum
    • Fixed bug that unable to select secondary social forums if user has no permitted maximum (i.e., unlimited)
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