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Супер-чат для XenForo - DragonByte Shout v7 7.0.6

DragonByte Shout v7

  1. 7.0.6

    Changed Features:
    • Updated the Notify JS code used in the Desktop Notifications
    Bug Fixes:
    • Resolved an issue where an "undefined index" error could be shown in the Server Error Log
    Bug Fixes:
    • Bugfix rollup from the past two weeks
    • Various framework fixes
    New Features:

    Live Titles
    • Live Title support for Instances, Chat Rooms, Buttons, Global Commands
    Changed Features:
    • The AdminCP navigation would not display the correct breadcrumb
    New Features:

    AdminCP Menu
    • A link to the options page for this mod is now included in the Admin Navigation
    Instance Management
    • (Pro) Time Format (Old) - separate time format for shouts from the previous day
    Changed Features:
    • The mod's options are now tabbed for easier browsing
    • A link to the options page for this mod is now included in the Admin Navigation
    Changed Features:
    • The naming convention for the AdminCP menu has been standardised to match the rest of DragonByte's XenForo products
    • The "Notifications" AdminCP menu entry has been renamed to clarify the fact that it refers to threads / posts
    • A few internal file/folder structures have changed to conform to XenForo's folder structures
    • Changed the internal structure a bit to reduce code duplication
    Bug Fixes:
    • Workaround for Tapatalk's non-standard initialisation of XenForo
    • Workaround for broken Template Modification in a 3rd party product preventing this mod's ACP menu from showing
    Changed Features:
    • Error messages that do not come from Overlays will now no longer change the AdminCP tab
    • AdminCP lists now use a smaller font size for a more compact look
    • Actions like "Repair Cache" that previously would redirect without any indication something had happened will now display a message on top of the page it lands on
    Bug Fixes:
    • In certain scenarios it was possible for user group permission checking to not work as expected
    7.0.0 Gold
    New Features:

    (Pro) Chatroom Auto-Join Toggle
    • Admin created chatrooms have a toggle for whether they are automatically joinable
    • Chatrooms that are not auto-join appear in a new tab
    • Can be joined and left by permitted users similar to user-created chatrooms
    Changed Features:
    • The Shoutbox no longer displays when the forum is closed
    Bug Fixes:
    • An issue with the Detach functionality that could lead to a server error has been corrected
    • A display issue with the "Above Footer" display has been corrected
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