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Tapatalk Forum App for xenForo - iOS / Android / Blackberry mobile app 2.4.2

Мобильная версия для форума

  1. 2.3.5


    Bug Fixes:
    1. Fixed an issue where a thread would fail to display if the original poster's account was deleted.
    2. Fixed an issue where changing the Tapatalk plug-in directory would cause problems detecting the plug-in
    3. Fixed an issue where the online state of users did not display correctly on mobile.
    4. Miscellaneous minor bug fixes
    New Features:
    1. Optimized display of quotes in short content previews.
    2. Enhanced push payload.
    3. Support for color bbcode in posts and replies.
    4. Optimized in-app registration.


    1. Fixed an XSS issue on the welcome screen.

    1. Optimized in-app registration for smoother and safer information transaction.
    2. Added 'Automatic approval for users registered from Tapatalk' option in forum admin CP.
    3. Support for auto-set forum API key.
    4. Enhanced security of code.
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