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Tapatalk Forum App for xenForo - iOS / Android / Blackberry mobile app 2.4.2

Мобильная версия для форума

  1. 2.4.2

    • Solved a bug that cause issues with push notifications when rebuilding in forum conversation cache
  2. 2.4.1


    In this release we have made some changes to twitter card feature:
    • Changed the card to a summary card to show the discussion title.
    • If you want to add your own twitter card then you can disable the Tapatalk card from the plugin setting for "Facebook and Twitter Deep Linking".
    Other fixes:
    1. improved push notification code
    1. changed response status code of avatar.php to improve application compatibility
  3. 2.3.8

    1. New support for preview announcements
    2. Optimized push notifications
    3. Strengthened integration for versions of xF older than 1.2.0
    4. Strengthened connectivity between forums and Tapatalk
    5. Various bug fixes re: registration and avatars
  4. 2.3.7

    1. Fixed issues with push notifications
    1. Support for subscribe forum
    2. Fix incorrect push type
    3. Fix an issue where announcement don't display
    4. Strengthen security/encryption of server connection between forums and Tapatalk
  5. 2.3.5


    Bug Fixes:
    1. Fixed an issue where a thread would fail to display if the original poster's account was deleted.
    2. Fixed an issue where changing the Tapatalk plug-in directory would cause problems detecting the plug-in
    3. Fixed an issue where the online state of users did not display correctly on mobile.
    4. Miscellaneous minor bug fixes
    New Features:
    1. Optimized display of quotes in short content previews.
    2. Enhanced push payload.
    3. Support for...
  6. 2.3.2

    Bug Fixes:
    1. Fixed a registration failure issue when a forum is a members-only community and requires custom fields in registration.
    2. Fixed a compatibility issue with older versions of PHP
    3. Fixed a permissions issue when closing reports
    4. Miscellaneous minor bug fixes
    New Features and Changes:
    1. Support for birthday input during in-app new account registration.
    2. Updated Tapatalk usergroup assignment from Primary group to Secondary group.
    3. Deleted option:...
  7. 2.3.1

    1. Updated to conform to Google App Indexing requirements. App indexing code added only to post detail pages and omitted from all invalid pages
    2. Fixed notice information always display in app issue even it's closed from web page
    3. Fixed performance issue when listing Tapatalk options in forum admin console
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  8. 2.3.0

    1. Support for smartbanner on/off display switch
    2. Support for un-banning users
    3. Support for "report detail" in moderator center
    4. Support for page and per-page parameters in Google deep link URLs to aid in fixing future "Content Mismatch Errors"
    5. Optimized app welcome page and smart-banner to automatically add the referring forum to a user's forums list.
    6. Optimized [ code], [ php] and [ html] BBCode display
    7. Added "Show All" option for hiding app ads by user group in...
  9. 2.2.0

    Bug Fixes:
    1. fixed an unknown user online activity issue
    2. fixed a page redirect issue when closing the smartbanner
    3. fixed a smartbanner display compatibility issue fixed a xmlrpc warning issue
    New Features:
    1. Support for custom fields when registering from within the app
    2. Support non-image attachment uploads in conversations
    3. Support for editing information in thread view mode
    4. Support for banning user with length option
    5. Support for hiding app ads by...
  10. 2.1.1

    Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed a privacy issue within push notifications
    • Fixed a SSO compatibility issue
    • Fixed push notifications not being sent to all participants in a conversation
    • Miscellaneous bug fixes

    New Features:
    • Support for modifying post attachments
    • Support for adding attachments when creating and replying to conversations
    • Support for leaving a redirect link option when merging threads
    • Support for marking conversations as read
    • Support for...