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[Tinhte] XenTag 3.2.2

Система тегов для форума

  1. 3.2.2

    • Tag Page RSS
    • Tag Page view count (display on front-end)
    • Added option to log moderation for thread tag edit
    • Added option for default description
    • Added option for in-word suggestion
    • Added option for tag preview (on mouse hover)
    • Added option to display tags below first post
    • Added feature: edit tag url in front-end
    • Added feature: filter by tag in thread batch update (AdminCP)
    • Added feature: remove existing tags, add new tags, replace tags in...
  2. 2.1.4b

    Если у вас установлен данный плагин, обновитесь обязательно!

    Исправление безопасности
    • Security patch: prevent XSS vulnerability via specific tag title
    • vBulletin Importer compatibility update
    Небольшое обновление

    • A very small update to handle both "/tags/name/" and "/tags/name" routes for better SEO.
    Caching issue on some installations is still in investigating. Trying to fix it in next update.
  3. Обновление до версии 2.1.3c

    • NEW: Added tag view tracking (new trending option).
    • NEW: Number of views, watchted and contents will be displayed on tag pages' description.
    • Improved indexer for compatibility.
    • Fixed a bug with Backspace
    • Fix bug forum/page in search/user profile
  4. 2.1.0


    Xentag 2.0

    • #Hashtag for your posts.
    • Report a tag
    • Watch a tag (with user group permission, (supports threads, posts and resources)
    • Trending tags (in /tags/ page),
    • New Trending Tags widget for [bd] Widget Framework
    • Possible to edit tag page's title via Edit tag dialog
    • Improved compatibility with different versions of XenForo and XenForo Resource Manager
    • Improved styling
    • Bug fixes...