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ToggleME 3.1.2

Плагин добавляет возможность сворачивания/разворачивания категорий и других элементов

  1. 3.1.2

    • Auto trim fix
    • Css tiny mod (for the sub forums trigger => prevents text selection of the button)

    • Fix the check for the nodetype (was only checking for text nodes, now it's checking for everything that is not an xml node)
      Thanks to XxUnkn0wnxX
    • The toggle function for the sidebar has been updated with new functions:
      1. It triggers now the "resize" event on the "window" so that custom mods, such as the slider of XenPorta 2, can update its layout to the new window width ; at the moment of the toggle function is done, it also overrides the jQuery Height function to simulate a modification of the height (it was needed for the XenPorta 2 slider)
      2. The sidebar children should be the wrapper of widgets, but sometimes the children were an hidden element ; this hidden element will remain now hidden when the toggle is done
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