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xendisConnect - pixelExit.com 1.4.3

Вдохновлённый стилем vBulletin 5.0

  1. 1.3.0

    Список изменений:
    • Added breadcrumb arrow
    • Title reduced in size
    • page_container brought up-to-date
    • message template brought up-to-date
    • navigation_visitor_tabs brought up-to-date
    • xendisconnect.css cleaned up(moved as much css to style properties as I could - around 5-6 items)
    • re-did discussion list handle
    • section footer added border
    • removed border-radius from footer
    • added /xenforo/icons/missing-image.png
    • added /xenforo/gplus.png
    • added /xenforo/twitter-bird.png
    • added /xenresource/ icon
    • re-did new message indicator
    • fixed a border cropping issue on messages
    • Updated footer template
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