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XenForo Importers 1.0.2

Тема в разделе "Новости XenForo", создана пользователем TAIFUN, 15.09.2018.


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    Версия XF:
    Данная версия "Импортёра" предназначена для версий не ниже XF 2.0.3

    Download XenForo Importers 1.0.2

    Some of the changes in XFI 1.0.2 include:
    • Small phrase adjustments when configuring imports.
    • When decoding HTML entities use html_entity_decode instead of htmlspecialchars_decode
    • Silently skip failed avatars during imports.
    • vBulletin: Fix for importing thread subscriptions.
    • vBulletin: Import user visible state.
    • vBulletin: Fix undefined index error when importing posts from vBulletin 5.
    • vBulletin: Move avatarrevision check so that database avatars are not skipped.
    • vBulletin: Maintain user visibility preferences for users.
    • vBulletin: Adjust forum subscription defaults so that alerts are not automatically enabled unless emails are.
    • vBulletin: Wrap post titles in tags to avoid weird BB code parsing when prepending to the message.
      [*]vBulletin: When importing notices, ensure we import "correct" date/time criteria.
      [*]vBulletin: When decoding htmlspecialchars handle user field values stored as arrays properly.
      [*]vBulletin: When importing forums, ensure the require_prefix option is brought over.
      [*]vBulletin: Handle a potential undefined index error if no super moderators were imported.
      [*]vBulletin: When counting string lengths, do so using utf8_ functions.
      [*]vBulletin: Attempt to include a quoted user's new user ID in quotes, if available.
      [*]vBulletin: Order posts by postid as well dateline.
      [*]vBulletin: Carry over email_on_conversation setting.
      [*]vBulletin: Handle bbcode.options field not being available in vBulletin 3.6.
      [*]vBulletin: Import custom_title from customtitle instead of usertitle.
      [*]vBulletin: Refactor string/BB code handling methods so they can be re-used in other places such as PM text and user signature.
      [*]vBulletin: Fix typo in permission map which may have left nodes unviewable after import.
      [*]vBulletin: Improve performance and memory usage of particularly large thread imports.
      [*]vBulletin: Update the explain text related to blogs import configuration.
      [*]vBulletin: If duplicate user upgrade/paid subscription records are imported, attempt to merge them.

      [B]XenForo Importers requires XenForo 2.0.3 or later.[/B]

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